2018 Million Dollar Round Table, Top of the Table

Stuart Raider, president of the Raider Dennis Agency, is a part of the 2018 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Court of the Table & Top of the Table. Stuart has 35 years of membership in MDRT and 20 years in Top of the Table. Million Dollar Round Table is The Premiere Association of Financial  Professionals. Exclusive MDRT membership is limited to the top financial services and life insurance professionals who adhere to strict professional and ethical standards to build trust and confidence with their clients.

Million Dollar Round Table (“MDRT”) is a membership organization. Qualifying criteria for membership include attaining specified levels of commissions earned, premium paid or income earned on the sale of insurance and other financial products. The MDRT membership requires the payment of annual dues, compliance with ethical standards, and to be in good standing with an MDRT-approved Professional Association. There are 3 levels of membership which include standard membership, Court of the Table and Top of the Table.The MDRT logo and/or trademarks are property of their respective owners and no endorsement of Raider Dennis Agency is stated or implied.